Main Pros and Cons of Case Studies You Should Know About


Students have to learn how to write various kinds of papers and documents. Depending on their future jobs, they will apply for some of them. For example, businessmen, marketers, finance experts, etc., need to write a case study. It is a very interesting, as well as challenging piece of writing that is applied in various spheres of human activity. Not all folks can handle them properly, so they need professional support.

This piece of writing has advantages as well as disadvantages. We would like to highlight them in this article to provide students with the necessary insights. Of course, the first thing we need to do is to clarify the purpose of this paper.

A case study is a detailed, in-depth examination of a definite situation, also known as a case, in the retrospective of real-world circumstances. This is a particular method to find, research, and analyze data to draw concrete conclusions. If it’s a medical sphere, this document may concentrate on a specific history of disease or examinee. The business industry uses it to outline the company’s strategy. If we talk about politics, one can try to predict what will happen over a certain period of time.

As you can see, this piece is pretty complicated. That is why we think checking the pros and cons of case studies is vital. When you know about all aspects of doing this project, you will know how to handle it more precisely and correctly.

Pros of Case Studies You Will Like

We will start by casting more light on the advantages of this research data method. Finding the correct information helps people to reach their aims, realize downsides, and undertake the necessary measures to improve what must be improved.

  • Observations for Useable Data

A good study is able to turn an observation into useable data for a client. It provides verifiable data that can be trusted thanks to in-depth research and personal observations of a certain case entity, etc. One may see the whole path that develops a particular situation under controlled conditions. One may compare similar situations, contrast them to one another, understand the entire process, and find the key solutions.

  • It Turns Opinion into Fact

As all the evidence found via research was presented in real time, it can be trusted. The assumptions and opinions stop being only suggestions. They turn into actual facts. You can fully trust facts and plan future operations using them.

  • It Is Relevant to Everyone Involved

This document is trustworthy because it provides reliable data. All parties involved in the project will reap certain benefits because they receive detailed results. They can analyze everything on their own to understand how can the received facts help them. Some may develop their plans, and others may stop doing that. A lot depends on what a particular method offers them.

  • Multiple Research Methods to Use

You should know that the pros of case studies also include a variety of methods. There is always more than one method because people may require various kinds of knowledge. The cleverest researchers constantly review a particular problem from all possible angles. It’s necessary to find out potential risks, profits, obstacles, and something of that kind. That is why one method will never present everything you may need. Luckily, a case study effortlessly combines various methods that are able to satisfy whatever research aims you may have. You opt for the following options:

  • experiment;
  • interview;
  • empirical;
  • historical;
  • compare and contrast;
  • and other methods.

Each has specific peculiarities. Depending on your goals, you need to apply a concrete method. Thus, you’ll be “armed” with relevant information.

  • It’s Clear to Readers

Another crucial benefit is the clarity of this document to others. All the data retrieved from this or that method may be challenging to assess for ordinary readers. That is why a researcher writes this paper in plain words. Of course, some specific technical terms will have to be used. Nevertheless, the writer always explains their meaning with the help of the most straightforward words and examples. Accordingly, ordinary students easily comprehend the main points stated in this or that study.

Cons of Case Studies You Will Face

Now, we should mention the cons of case studies. When a person is aware of the possible downsides of the upcoming study, he or she will be able to reconsider the entire approach to the work. He/she may select a different research method and writing strategy to provide the retrieved data clearly. Here are the possible downsides of this paper:

  • It May Take Long to Be Done

This project is very complicated. A researcher has to spend a lot of time finding all “ends” and presenting them clearly. The whole process of collecting data and even defining a particular method may puzzle you a lot.

  • No Guarantees to Effectiveness

At times, all the sufferings of a researcher are useless. When he or she retrieves and presents information, it may not be helpful for some parties. As a result, the whole process is insufficient.

  • It Imitates, Not Inspires

A case study commonly imitates success and doesn’t always inspire you. Although it uses relevant evidence, you can never be sure that it will help to reach all your goals. If you do not present data correctly, the participants may have to use their own ideas to find solutions.

  • May Not Offer Similar Options

Another crucial drawback is no guarantee that you will find the same studies with similar outcomes. Every industry is constantly moving, and the results you received a month ago may differ today. Even the use of the same method may not help to get similar outcomes.

Handle Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Study with Experts

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Use Advantages of Case Study with the Necessary Benefits

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Solve Disadvantages of Case Study without Spending a Lot of Time

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A case study must be taken seriously. It has significant advantages, as well as definite downsides. It’s necessary to know both to be sure you can avoid potential pitfalls. This knowledge simplifies the process of research and writing, which helps to compose a flawless project.

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